Thirsty? How ’bout quenching your thirst with some ice cold cucumbers!

It’s a special time to live in Japan. In order to cope with the summer heat and humidity, Pepsi has released “Pepsi Ice Cucumber,” a limited edition green-colored soda that is only available in Japan! Oh boy! The verdict? It tastes nothing like regular Pepsi, but it really does taste like cucumbers. Sort of creepy, but oddly … refreshing! Unfortunately, it reminds me of the cucumber-melon flavored lotion I used to buy from Bath & Body Works when I was in Jr. High School. According to a recent news article (AP):

The soft drink, which hit stores here on Tuesday, doesn’t actually have any cucumber in it — but has been artificially flavored to resemble “the refreshing taste of a fresh cucumber,” said Aya Takemoto, spokeswoman of Japan’s Pepsi distributor, Suntory Ltd.

Well, don’t you associate “refreshing” with “cucumber“?

2 thoughts on “Thirsty? How ’bout quenching your thirst with some ice cold cucumbers!

  1. I was curious about this when I read about it in slashfood. I don’t think we’d ever get it in the United States, who knows maybe we will.

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