Omuraisu & what NOT to put in Sushi

I’m going to take a quick respite from the usual recipe-posting to talk about something really serious: Egg salad in a sushi roll. We bought it merely out of curiosity. Now, I’m a pretty tame sushi eater. I’ll eat salmon, tuna, shrimp, and veggies in my sushi, and generally stay away from things that have either legs or a sketchy texture (aka difficult to swallow, like baby squid or nato –fermented soybeans). So I thought that since egg salad is a safe, familiar food item, how bad can it be paired with vinegar rice and seaweed? Really bad. I wouldn’t recommend it. Don’t let the pictures deceive you. The salmon and the crab tasted good, though.

Our lunch wasn’t all disappointing, though! Dustin had one of our favorite Japanese foods called Omuraisu:

Can you catch the English words being scrunched together? “Omelet Rice,” an omelet filled with ketchup-flavored rice.  The dish originated in Tokyo. It’s a popular food item in Japan, but you can’t find it in any of the Japanese restaurants that I’ve been to in the States. Here it’s considered a “western dish” that has been altered to suit Japanese palates (because omelets and ketchup are “western”). Dustin usually orders it when we go out to eat, or he buys it from the prepared foods section of our grocery store. We’ve never made it at home, but I want to try it sometime so I found a recipe that looks promising (and has good pictures) here. Also take note of the decorative “grass” that can always be found in take-out food containers. Proof of Japanese authenticity.

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