Curried Cabbage Hotdog

Two things.

1. Yay!! Kokoro, our friendly little bakery across the street finally re-opened, and this is the curried cabbage hotdog I was raving about in my previous post. Yum. I’d ask how to make it, but I don’t think I’d understand the instructions in Japanese, nor do I think it’s culturally appropriate to even ask. But the important components are the fluffy white roll, and the shredded cabbage most likely cooked down with curry powder and maybe a little mustard too.

2. Let’s play “Name what I ate for lunch”:

I found these in the prepared foods section and was drawn to their oddity. After eating one and dissecting the second, I finally figured it out. A small piece of pork is sandwiched between a slice of Japanese eggplant and a prawn (Japanese surf & turf?), and the whole thing is dipped in tempura batter (how does it stay together!?) and fried.

Well, it’s after 4:00. Time to teach some kids soon. I’ll play catch up this weekend and get some more posts up!

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