Veggie Crudités with Minted-Pea Yogurt Dip

Green foods are sometimes not as photogenic as others, but putting that aside, this dip is fresh, healthy, and a good match for cold, crunchy, seasonal veggies. We served this dip while we were watching the Oscars on Sunday – with radishes, carrots, Belgian endive, red and yellow bell peppers, and snow peas. What I love about Jamie Oliver’s recipes is that they are so simple and really showcase the ingredients that are in them. This dip tastes like the beginning of spring to me – the mint and the lemon really brighten up the peas. In the spirit of the way Jamie writes his recipes, the amounts are given in “handfuls” rather than exact measurements. We like that approach. Taste and adjust things to your liking.

Minted Pea & Yogurt Dip

(From Jamie’s Dinners)

2 handful of fresh mint leaves
12 oz. of plain yogurt (I accidentally grabbed non-fat at the store, which was fine, but if I made it again I’d use greek yogurt)
4 handfuls of frozen peas (let thaw in the fridge for an hour or so before making the dip) or fresh
2 handfuls of Parmesan cheese
Juice from 1 lemon

Salt & Pepper to taste

In a food processor, blend together the yogurt and the mint leaves for about 30 seconds. Add the Parmesan cheese and the peas and blend until smooth and it becomes a lovely green color. Add the lemon juice and salt & pepper and blend to combine. Taste and adjust seasonings if necessary. Because my yogurt was thinner than I anticipated, I ended up blending in some extra peas at the end. Don’t be shy with the peas. That’s what this dip is all about! Serve with veggie crudités.

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