Why Hello, New Decade …

I remember New Years Eve in 1999. I was standing in front of the town clock in downtown Santa Cruz with high school friends when we all wondered if the world was going to end at midnight. It didn’t.

In 2000 I was 16, newly licensed and driving a gold Sebring convertible. College was in the back of my mind, but mostly I was focused on playing the guitar, singing, my upcoming senior recital and recording a CD.

In 2001 I graduated high school and moved down to Santa Barbara for college. I met my husband-to-be that year at an open-mic that I played at. He says I blew him off the first time we met, but I don’t recall that 😉

In 2002 I didn’t get much sleep, and I consumed a lot of caffeine while “studying” calculus with Dustin. But thanks to calculus, we started dating.

2003. Spent the best semester “abroad” in San Francisco, living in a sweet restored victorian house, taking an urban studies class and interning at the International Rescue Committee. When I returned to Santa Barbara to finish the rest of my Junior year, I moved into my first apartment and started cooking on my own for the first time — though that mostly consisted of quesadillas to begin with! Obviously, I wasn’t ready to enter the world of food blogging!

2004. When words like “eschatology” and “Septuagint” were in my every day vocabulary. I miss my upper division religious studies classes.

2005. Graduated college, followed by 6 months of waking up at 3:55am to make coffee, steam milk, and toast bagels. Wedding planning kept me occupied, though, and Dustin and I tied the knot barefoot on the beach in Santa Cruz that fall. A 10 day trip to Santorini, Greece was definitely one of the highlights of the year!

In 2006 the crazy newlyweds moved to Osaka, Japan.

2007-2008 — the years of ESL, a general feeling of being misunderstood (and feeling very tall), the best sushi of our lives, short door frames, sight-seeing at temples, and the debut of our food blog, starting with a recipe for Asian Chicken Salad. Soon, a new hobby and passion for writing about what we eat was born.

2009 – We moved back to the U.S. at a great time — crappy job market. But things haven’t been that bad. It was a year of job searching, happy hours with new friends, an awesome trip to Sweden with my family, and general re-adjustment to our own culture.

Now it’s somehow 2010. How did THAT happen? And with a baby on the way, I know that soon things are going to change. Big time. I’m not sure what to expect, but I take comfort in one thing: Even though everything will change, we still have to eat. And when we can, we’ll catch little opportunities to reflect on whatever it is we eat. Our blog posts may slow down in 2010, and later on in the year there may be more posts about homemade baby food than gourmet dinners, but we will be here.

Cheers, readers, to a new decade! We hope the coming years are filled with many blessings, and intruiging and exquisite food accompanied by insightful commentary.

— Brianna & Dustin

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