Oh my Gosh! It’s a Squash!

This foodie-baby-in-training loves locally grown squash! What perfect timing for starting solid foods. Fall brings us the most beautiful and tasty squashes from Two Small Farms‘ CSA, like this delicata variety. Supporting local farms not only benefits our community, but we can rest assured that the food in Levi’s tummy is of the best quality and good for him!

What’s this?  Must be a new toy!  Squash, I don’t know what you are, but mommy, daddy, grandma, and grandpa seem really excited about it, so I salute you!

Then excitement is replaced with curiosity.  No, really. What is this?

The next day, my mom and I did some baby food-making research. The concept is pretty simple: Start with the best quality produce you can find, cook, then puree. There are so many resources out there, but the baby food sections of Pennies On a Platter, and Smitten Kitchen were especially helpful. As well as the website Wholesome Baby Food.

First Squash

  • We peeled the delicata squash, cut it in half, scooped out the seeds, and cut into 1-inch pieces.  Then we placed the squash pieces in a saucepan with a little water, brought it to a simmer, put the lid on, and cooked until the squash was tender. (I learned that a little later on, the water can be replaced with broth for a little protein. Good to know!)
  • We transfered the squash to a food processor, reserving some of the cooking liquid. Next, we pureed the squash. We added a tiny bit of the cooking liquid to get a nice consistency, but this is optional.
  • The pureed delicata squash was then transfered to a small bowl, where it cooled down and awaited its tester.

At first, Levi was more interested in his bib. (I don’t blame him. It’s a cool bib, isn’t it? It was a gift from grandma and grandpa).

But then a spoon of curious orangey-yellow puree appeared and he opened his mouth in anticipation…

… and found himself in a state of great consternation. That was it for day 1. No thanks, guys. Is this all we humans eat??

But a few days later, we tried again.  He was completely STOKED about squash. He chowed down the entire bowl.

Thank you, Two Small Farms, for this yummy, organic squash in my tummy (and all over my face). I’m looking forward to trying more of your produce soon!

4 thoughts on “Oh my Gosh! It’s a Squash!

  1. Cute pics!

    We just recently started our 7 1/2 month old son on solids and we have been enjoying some great local squash and other produce as well! We just pick up whatever looks good at the farmers market that week and I cook it up for him. So far his favorites are sweet potatoes and butternut squash!

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