Eating our way through the holidays …

I’m pretty sure I was the cliché and ate for two over the holidays.

  • On Christmas Eve my mom made the most delectable duck confit, served on a bed of arugula with Alice Waters’ meyer lemon relish.
  • I also discovered a great new non-alcoholic beverage – sparkling jasmine tea, made by Golden Star Tea Company. The bottle claims that its complex flavors please the most discerning palate. It sure pleased mine, and pairs well with food. If you can find it, check it out for yourself!
  • Another night at my parents’ house we had a crab feed – each person ate a whole dungeness crab, accompanied by melted butter, lemon wedges, and crusty bread. A ridiculously messy meal, but one of my absolute favorites.
  • On Christmas day my uncle made a delicious prime rib, thinly sliced and served with au jus and creamy horseradish. The fact that I’m mentioning this is a big deal. It was the first red meat I’d eaten during my pregnancy. It hadn’t appealed to me until I took that first bite, and was brought back to reality; one in which red meat is good. For dessert, I ate 3 servings (wow – why did I admit that?) of the most amazing rice pudding with kumquat compote. Yum yum yum.
  • I also ate the best brussel sprouts of my life at the Cellar Door Cafe — they were fried and served with smoky chèvre and a cider reduction. Holy crap. Best brussel sprouts ever. Charlie Parker, you are a genius.
  • For my Mom’s birthday, we spent a night in San Francisco and ate at Absinthe. If you don’t know this about my family, we’re Top Chef addicts and last season we were all rooting for Jamie Lauren, who is the chef at Absinthe. Eating at this restaurant was therefore very exciting for us, and we kept hoping to catch a glimpse of Jamie, but alas, we didn’t. We hope she cooked our dinner though! Some highlights were my delicious beverage (“Absinthe Lemonade” — ginger syrup, lemon juice, ginger ale, and a splash of cranberry), the spicy fried chickpeas that began our meal, and my burger with a fried egg and house-made pickles on the side (is that a pregnant-sounding meal or what?)
  • And I can’t go without mentioning our usual New Years Eve swiss fondue with cubes of Acme bread, mushrooms, bell peppers, and apples for dipping . It doesn’t taste like the end of a year without it. Lastly, as if we hadn’t had enough cheese the night before, we went on our usual New Years Day hike and picnic, and ate a variety of delicious cheeses (all pasteurized, for my sake), crackers, and two kinds of salumi from Boccalone in the Ferry Building in San Francisco. We ended our picnic with perfect apricots enrobed in milk chocolate. I won’t tell you how many I ate.

And that, my friends, is what we’ve spent the last few weeks doing! Good thing I’m back to climbing 4 days a week and just started a weekly yoga class! And we have a delicious and healthy fish recipe coming in the next post (one of Dustin’s weeknight creations). Stay tuned …

2 thoughts on “Eating our way through the holidays …

  1. This all sounds absolutely amazing. And I NEED to find that sparkling jasmine tea. I adore jasmine tea, not least because the smell of it instantly takes me back to my time in China.

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